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Gifted Students: Accelerated Classes or Grade Skipping?

Skipping a grade has become a very controversial subject for gifted students.  The public schools advocate that all children are taught at grade level and that alternative approaches to enriching the gifted student are preferable to advancing them to the next grade.  Generally, it is preferable to […]

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“Gifted” Defined in Florida

The following are the State definitions of “Gifted” in Florida: (1) Gifted. One who has superior intellectual development and is capable of high performance. (2) Criteria for eligibility. A student is eligible for special instructional programs for the gifted if the student meets the criteria under paragraph […]

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Ensuring Your Child Scores Well on the AGP Assessment

In my practice I am frequently asked about gifted testing or AGP testing in Hillsborough, Pasco, or Pinellas County.  One of the questions I am often asked is, “How can I ensure my child achieves their highest possible score on the Gifted Assessment?” It is true that […]

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Considerations for Private Gifted Testing

Recent studies have found that 84% of time in classroom settings is spent on activities where the entire class participates as a group.  In other words, as little as 16% of time in your child’s day at school is spent receiving individualized attention catering to their specific […]

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What is the Process for Enrolling My Child in the AGP?

In this post I will review the typical steps taken for identification and enrollment of a child into the Academically Gifted Program (AGP).  The process can differ slightly from county to county so I will write this post in as general terms as I can.  If you […]

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My Child Missed the AGP Cut Off. What Now?

The most common requests I get for assessments include IQ assessments for determining a child’s IQ, learning disability assessments, or to get a “second opinion” regarding an IQ assessment that was previously administered by a school. Generally, IQ assessments I administer are for a child to be […]

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