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Gifted Testing Services

A true Gifted Testing Service is not a one-size-fits-all operation.  While many psychologists are happy to administer an IQ test which can be used to qualify your child for the Academically Gifted Program, the psychologists at Rice Psychology Group offer complete Gifted Testing and Gifted Program admission consulting services which goes far beyond a one time test administration.
The first step is to schedule a phone consultation where our office manager or one of our psychologists can learn about your child’s strengths and relative weaknesses.  This initial consultation may include questions such as:

  • What are your child’s favorite games?
  • What types of games or activities is your child good at?
  • In what areas does your child excel at school?
  • Is your child more of a visual or verbal learner?
  • Does your child excel at memory games?
  • Does your child excel at timed activities?
  • Is your child good at working with blocks or Leggos?
  • Are there any attention or focus issues we need to be concerned about, or does your child currently have an ADHD diagnosis?
  • Is your child color blind?
  • Is your child anxious about taking tests?  What might make your child feel more at ease about the testing process?
  • Has your child been tested before, and if so by what test?

Once we have learned about your child’s strengths and weaknesses, a test can be recommended.  The day of the test administration, make sure your child has a good breakfast and gets plenty of rest the night before.  It can help to get the child psyched up for the test by setting the expectation that they are very bright and will do very, very well on the assessment.  Depending on your child’s anxiety about tests, it can be helpful to explain the purpose of the Assessment.  We can also make recommendations on how to introduce the testing process with your child.

If your child makes the minimum cutoff for the Academically Gifted Program, the doctor who administered the testing will provide a recommendation letter along with two signed copies of the test administration.

If for some reason your child does not make the minimum cutoff, the psychologist will replace the recommendation letter with an analysis of factors that might have contributed to the lower score, and what might be done to improve the child’s test taking abilities (if applicable).  There are workbooks available to improve a child’s test taking abilities and critical thinking skills.

Finally, if your child’s score is just not within the range where it is likely a retest would result in a qualifying score, we will recommended ways you might supplement the child’s education at home.

For pricing packages or to schedule an appointment, please call (813) 969-3878.

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